my favourite thing about arrested development is that they literally had a character’s left hand bitten off by a seal for the sake of wordplay

Chris Pratt || Esquire, October 2014




Christoph Waltz, photographed by Alasdair McLellan| Fantastic Man issue № 20

Art history meme (x) - 4/8 artists - Edward Gorey

But then the demon, much too soon,

Returned one Sunday afternoon

Conversation that happened the other day
  • Friend: What are you knitting?
  • Me: It's crochet.
  • Friend: How is that different?
  • Me: Knitting is two pointy sticks, crochet is one hook.
  • Friend: How are they different?
  • Me: Knitting I can poke you to death, crochet I can hook out your brains like the Egyptians.